Hoquiam Farmers Market News – Father’s Day Edition

A new and wonderful food arrived at the market last week-Greenbank Cheese! This exceptionally fine flavored cheese comes to us from Whidbey Island. We are featuring their Jalapeno Jack and their Goatmilk Cheddar.
Let me think now- we have farm fresh eggs, superb cheese, and fantastic sausage- sounds like the makings for a dinner omelet! Steam up some of our fresh asparagus, possible saute some fresh Kale to add to the omelet, and you will have created an exquisite gourmet dinner in no time at all.
A piece of pie for dessert and you will be a new person. Certainly a happier and well fed person, but also someone who has made good menu decisions. Which leads to improved health, which leads to more vitality, which leads to all sorts of wonderful activities! Ah, life is good.

Now, for the presents. Remember, Father’s Day is just around the corner, so you may want to do some shopping for that special day also. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the possible gift ideas at the market- here is a fantastic new option for your gift giving dilemmas- we now offer Gift Cards! Let me tell you, we are proud of this! It’s kind of like graduating; when a store gets gift cards with their very own name emblazoned on the front, anything seems possible. I had surreptitiously ordered these gems and had just arranged the counter display when Deidra walked in. The look on her face was priceless! The gift cards are good for purchases in either the Market or Deidra’s Deli, and she was completely taken by surprise to see her name on the card. Think about it- we’re all accustomed to having a credit card for Visa, and having Deidra’s Deli on that piece of plastic was the perfect revenge!

But, it’s back to earth for us. Literally, since the weather is finally giving us a chance to plant the garden! The City of Hoquiam still has spaces available in the Community Garden. They have already dug and fertilized the soil, which makes the $10.00 for each space a true bargain. This is an organic garden, no pesticides allowed, a policy which we at the Market fully support. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at nurturing a garden, call Tracy Wood at 532-5700, extension 240.

Lynn Ogren handed me a sign this week, knowing that the words would appeal to me. The City of Bremerton put this out, and it is so worthy of becoming a lifetime motto;
Clean. Paint. Garden. Mow. Smile. Talk. Invest. Believe!!!

Barbara Bennett Parsons at the Hoquiam Farmers Market 1958 Riverside
open Wednesday thru Sunday, and Deidra’s Deli is open every single day