Grays Harbor PUD Reports New Wind Reporting Station Up and Running in Ocean Shores

The wind reporting station is located on the PUD microwave tower about 30 feet above ground. It retrieves wind data and posts them every 10 minutes including wind speed and wind gusts. The technology includes a data-logger attached to a PUD server that provides the means to post the data on the web for everyone to use. To view the data, go to and select “state” under “observation maps” located in the left hand navigation. A map of Washington will be displayed with observation sites. Go to Ocean Shores on the map and click on the site “SEWWFO Ocean Shores.”

“This is a great tool that provides Grays Harbor PUD and the general public with wind information from the beach,” said Rick Lovely, General Manager of Grays Harbor PUD. “This additional information helps the PUD to make decisions regarding our response to power outages in powerful wind storms. We are able to evaluate conditions and make informed choices about dispatching crews,” said Lovely.

“We greatly appreciate the dedicated effort of the National Weather Service to ensure we have accurate and timely weather data. It is a great service to the PUD and to the residents and businesses living in the North Beach area,” said Lovely.