Ohh The Times…… Online Teacher Wins State Pioneer of Teaching Award

“Online learning offers families a daily opportunity to share learning and life,” Mrs. Little said of her teaching at Washington Virtual Academy. “It gives parents the power to adjust the pacing of lessons to fit each student’s needs while working shoulder-to-shoulder. For students, online learning respects time; beyond lessons they need time to quietly reflect, to actively explore, to just grow as individuals. To me, it’s an honor to help families learn at home.”

Mrs. Little is one of thirteen state finalists selected by the NCPSO board to compete for the national award also announced today. Brian Lankford of Texas Virtual Academy at Southwest Mesquite, Texas and Diane Williams of Anser Charter School Boise, Idaho share the award of National American Pioneer of Teaching.

Information on these awards can be found on the NCPSO website at www.publicschooloptions.org