Stop, Cover and Hold Drill Wednesday 21, 2010 at 9:45am

On Wednesday April 21 at 9:45am the Emergency Alert System and the NOAA All Hazard Alert Radios will activate indicating a Statewide Stop, Cover and Hold Disaster Drill for all citizens. The goal is to insure that all schools, businesses and families prepare for an earthquake by taking cover to protect themselves from falling debris. Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is supporting the effort to protect our citizens and to assist them in becoming pro-active against all hazards which could impact us.

Grays Harbor County is a candidate for a substantial earthquake and actually has the Canyon River Fault line which runs halfway between the Wynoochee Dam in Grays Harbor County and Spider Lake in Mason County. Earthquakes have occurred here before and they will happen again. Please contact your child’s local school to insure they will participate in the drill which will take minutes to participate in but could save your child from potential harm in the event of an actual earthquake. If we teach our children about the natural hazards to our community, they will be much more prepared to survive an actual occurrence.

If you have any questions or comments about how to prepare for any natural hazard to our community, please call (360) 249-3911 or e-mail Grays Harbor County Emergency Management at [email protected]