AGP to Expand at the Port of Grays

“AGP initially invested in Grays Harbor nearly 7 years ago, and since then AGP has successfully built a strong Pacific Rim customer base due to our employee team, our transportation partners, and the Port of Grays Harbor,” reported Cal Meyer, AGP’s Group Vice President of Processing, Refining, and Industrial Products. “It is an integral part of our international marketing plan and it has the capability of reaching markets throughout the Pacific Rim in an efficient and cost effective manner.”

AGP (, the largest farmer-owned soybean processor in the world, is owned by cooperatives in the Midwest representing over 200,000 farmers from 16 states throughout the United States. Port officials estimate shipping volumes will more than double due to the expansion, reaching new Pacific Rim markets with commodities shipped through Grays Harbor. Commodities will arrive via unit trains transported by Burlington Northern Santa Fe and RailAmerica’s Puget Sound and Pacific Railroad (PSAP) direct to the Port of Grays Harbor marine terminal complex. The Port is working with PSAP, federal, state and local agencies to expand rail capacity in the region.

“AGPs commitment to their grower/members and customers combined with Grays Harbor’s strategic location and infrastructure has created a first class export facility in North America,” expressed Gary Nelson, Port of Grays Harbor Executive Director. “Expanding our presence in international shipping is critical to the long-term success of our Port and we are honored to have such a prestigious and dedicated partner as AGP invest in our facilities.”

Commenting on the new construction in the City of Aberdeen, Mayor Bill Simpson expressed, “This is a great project for the Harbor to improve employment, both during the construction phase and long-term operating phase resulting in hundreds of transportation related jobs for our citizens. AGP is a great organization and they have made a very careful and calculated decision to expand in Grays Harbor. The City of Aberdeen loves having them as a neighbor and we welcome their expansion.”

The Port of Grays Harbor operates 4 deepwater marine terminals and hundreds of acres of marine industrial property. Only 1-½ vessel hours from open sea, Grays Harbor offers rail and highway access to markets throughout North America. More information and photographs of the AGP shipping facility are available at More information on AGP and its diverse commodities can be found at