Hoquiam Farmers Market News V-Day Edition

Nancy is baking up new special buttery recipes just for Valentine’s Day;
Chocolate Cakes for two, with chocolate ganache icing, Spritz butter cookies with pretty decorations, delicate little Cookie assortment packages with heart shaped delicacies, and of course her classic Shortbread and other cookies!
Our resident candy maker has outdone herself by coming up with several varieties of Truffles and pretty little boxes of chocolate covered cherries.
Mike Lytle brought in fresh oysters yesterday and he now has some available in 8 oz. Jars.  We eat more than that, so I’ll stick with buying the nice big containers, but others are more delicate eaters than Joe & I. Today Mike is bringing in Fresh already cleaned Razor Clams!  These usually go out the door quickly, so you may want to give us a call to have some held for you.  538-9747, razor clam central
Deidra is staying open until 6:30 both Friday and Saturday and she has Free movie tickets for the 7th Street Theatre’s presentation of Dirty Dancing, starring Patrick Swayze!  It’s the annual Take your Honey to Hoquiam Valentine’s special.  Deidra is also staying open on Sunday, with her complete Deli menu available.  Not every sweetie wants you to spend your paycheck on a fancy dinner- with Deidra’s fabulous sandwiches and bargain prices, you could bring your entire family for a fantastic meal and let them all know how much you love them!
The 8th Street Ale House in downtown Hoquiam opened it’s doors yesterday!  Another great addition to our culinary selection in town, and for those who love good ale and beer, this is The Place.  Mecca.  The Holy Grail.  You get the idea.
The celebration of Love does not need to be confined to romantic love.  Sure, it’s wonderful to have that one person in your life whose very presence makes you heart sing, but we appreciate that love every single day.  There are so many, many other kinds of love which are every bit as vital to our soul.  A mother’s love is our first experience, and our father’s love a gift to be cherished.  The love for a pet, the love you have for your best friend.  The love of the place you choose to live, the love of your country.  The love you express to strangers by reaching out when you see that someone is in need.   Love is limitless.  The more you give love, the more your heart expands to hold that love.
This Valentine’s Day I’ve asked folks at my church to show their love for the homeless and those living in poverty by making it Undie Sunday.  Fresh, clean underwear makes a person feel so much better!  What if you only had 1 set of undies?  If you’d like to contribute, bring undies of any size- men’s, women’s, children’s- thermal too- and socks-to the Farmers Market.  Blankets and sleeping bags are always needed.  I’ve slept in a wet sleeping bag many times when camping, and I can tell you that it’s miserable!
If you see someone today who looks a bit depressed or distracted, give them the gift of your smile.  Doesn’t cost a cent, and it can transform their day.  Plus, you’ll be a happier person too.
Sending you our love today and every day from the Grays Harbor Farmers Market!