Mason County Sheriff’s Traffic Team to Increase Crossing Grade Enforcement

We are all concerned about grade crossing safety because motorists are no longer use to dealing with Simpson trains utilizing the crossing grades. In 2008 our nation experienced 2391 grade crossing collisions with 286 of those collisions being fatalities.  Sheriff Casey Salisbury commented “I have never seen a train collision where the train lost.”

Law Enforcement Officers will be watching for drivers who fail to yield to approaching trains, drivers who drive past activated crossing signals, and trespassers on railroad right of way.  Children on their way to school are reminded that the new bridge is a railroad bridge and not a pathway to and from school.  The speed of trains approaching grade crossings can be difficult to judge.  Drivers are warned not to try to race the train to the crossing.

Finally, motorists and pedestrians are reminded when approaching a railroad grade crossing to “Look, Listen and Live.”