Grays Harbor Community Hospital Sends Two to Haiti

The Murphys will be joining a team of healthcare specialists which will also include Dr. Tahzib, an orthopedic surgeon, a pediatrician, registered nurse, a respiratory therapist and a coordinator. The group will have transportation, a safe place to stay (in tents) and local translators. They will bring food and water with them, and will undoubtedly be faced with many challenges. Their mission is to work directly with members of the community to establish makeshift clinics and help save lives.
Eager to see this effort be as successful as possible, Grays Harbor Community Hospital has donated latex gloves, bandages, gauze, scalpels, splints, suture kits, thermal blankets, blood pressure cuffs and other medical supplies. It is hoped that these supplies, along with the skills of the professionals going over, can help to bring some healing to this devastated region.
This effort will likely be repeated in the following months, as the devastation in Haiti is extensive. The Murphys ask for our prayers for the team, and for those they encounter and those still in need of help.