Hoquiam Farmers Market News – Concert Edition

Yes, the Livin’ Harmony Quartet and the Grays Harbor Banjo Band take to the 7th Street Theatre stage and reach for the stars!  For those of you who remember, one of the most magical memories of the 7th Street Theatre used to be the twinkling stars scattered up in the high firmament of the ceiling.  Over the years, the stars dimmed, and one by one the twinkling lights disappeared .  After months of hard work on spindly scaffolding, the ceiling is restored and the auditorium has been buffed and polished in anticipation of this weeks Starlight Celebration.  There will even be wine available for sale in the lobby!

The Grays Harbor Wine & Seafood Festival returns to the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds this Saturday, bringing the very finest cuisine to be found rounded up under one roof!  And admission is free!  Our favorite Seafood store, Lytle’s, will be there with enormous quantities of succulent fresh oysters.  Now, if you can’t make it to the festival, remember that we always have Lytle’s oysters available at the Farmers Market!
Our two main egg vendors are Ria Barnard and Les & Beth Bolton.  It’s always good to know your favorite egg suppliers by name, I think.  Les ( who describes himself as ‘gentleman farmer’) reports that the increase in daylight is encouraging his hens to lay more eggs.  There you go- even the chickens are happy!  By the time spring arrives we’ll be neck deep in eggs and those chickens will be positively euphoric.
We were probably all told as children that ‘money can’t buy happiness’.  Mind you, it can buy creature comforts and soften a bumpy road, but have you noticed that your parents were right about this?  I believe that happiness is achieved by having a solid knowledge about just who you are and making sure that you actually like that person.  Because at that point you are able to look beyond your narrow world and think about helping someone else.  This week our world has been rocked by the massive earthquake that hit Haiti.  I had the privilege of being in Haiti in 2003 and my life was forever changed by the experience.  I can close my eyes now and see the open air hospital where we worked.  I can recall the skeletal women trying to cook a tiny amount of rice to feed the entire family.  My heart aches.  I know that each of you can feel the anguish and know the suffering.  Do all that you can to help, and then do more.
We’re all in this world together.  My world is a better place for having you be a part of it.
Barbara Bennett Parsons, contented manager of the Grays Harbor Public Market
1958 Riverside in happy Hometown Hoquiam
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