Hoquiam Business Association Celebrates Hoquiam

Tickets are $25.00 each and are available at Harbor Drug and Crown Drug. Dinner will be catered by Alexanders’ Grill, a highly lauded Hoquiam restaurant.  Modesty is a virtue which Hoquiam has perfected.  For almost 120 years Hoquiam businesses have quietly provided the highest degree of customer service, customers have quietly appreciated and come to depend upon the high standard of excellence, and a quiet air of contented gentility has been worn like a cloak. 

 It has not escaped the notice of the Hoquiam Business Association that most of the rest of the world shouts claims of impossible accomplishments, jumping up and down in a frenzy of self-congratulatory babble.  
The time has come for Hoquiam to toss away the cloak of quiet pride and step forward to brag!  Crossing Bridges promises (and you can go to the bank on that promise!) to provide an evening of revelry and celebration .