Citizens Perceived Preparedness Doesn’t Match Measures Taken

   Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is requesting that all citizens become  PRO-ACTIVE on personal preparedness issues. Grays Harbor County is situated in an area where it could be impacted by an earthquake, a volcano, flooding, severe winds and weather and tsunami. Everyone must take action to be ready for any disaster.  As you can see from the latest disasters in Haiti and Samoa, the roads could be blocked, buildings could fall or be unsafe to inhabit,  there will be no communication, no phone, no computer, no cell phone availability, no food, no water and possibly no response by Emergency Responders for up to 72 hours! You will have to depend upon the preparedness you and your family have initiated and implemented.  Get prepared today! Talk to your neighbors and become Pro-Active!
    If you have questions about how to become Pro-Active, if you don’t know what to do or who to contact, call Grays Harbor County Emergency Management at (360) 249-3911 x 290 or send an e-mail through the website listed below. 
   Become Pro-active!   All residents should be preparing for the winter weather. High winds, ice, snow, rain, and flooding are quite common in the Grays Harbor area.
1) Make sure you have a 72 hour survival kit with non perishable food for your family and pets, water, blankets, flashlights, battery powered portable radio and bedding.
2) Check your generators and fuel supply for them.
3) Have a place of refuge available if you need to leave your home.
4) Have an All Hazards Weather Radio operating and with a battery back-up.
5) Have a contact person who can accept calls from you and your family in the event you are separated due to inclement weather.
6) Keep a copy of all of your important documents with a friend or relative in another part of the county or country. This includes Drivers Licenses, Birth Certificates, Prescriptions, Medical Cards, Credit Cards, Social Security Cards, Mortgage Paperwork, Car Titles etc.
7) Monitor the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Website at
for valuable updates on all forecasted and imminent weather and disaster situations.