Local Ministries Prepare to Send Aid to Haiti

Haiti ARISE Ministries, is a non-profit, faith-based humanitarian organization. They have focused their efforts on educating in practical skills, spiritually strengthening and raising up leaders to affect positive change throughout the politically volatile and destitute nation. The ministry also provides a monthly food and clothing distribution and is currently working to establish a goat farm, a staffed medical clinic and a children’s home to address the restavek (child slave) problem in that country.

Founder, and former restavek, Marc Honorat, was on the phone from Haiti with Haiti ARISE Canada’s Vice-President, James Roberts, when the earthquake hit. He urgently asked for prayer for the country and then communication dropped, according to Roberts. Roberts also reported that a few hours before the earthquake a team of 24 volunteers, including 17 teenagers, from Nelson, British Columbia, arrived in Port au Prince to begin their Haiti ARISE mission trip. Darrell Damron, Vice-president of the Haiti ARISE U.S. Board, reported last night, that Honorat was able to get word out, via email at a neighboring mission, that the visiting team and the staff were safe.
“We are doing our part here to prepare to send aid as quickly as possible,” explained Damron. “Haiti ARISE will be providing relief on the ground to people in Haiti in the aftermath of this disaster; no doubt our team is already helping those nearest to them right now. People will know that they can turn to Haiti ARISE for help because we’ve been there in the past for them. When the sun rises tomorrow, the extent of the damage will be visible, and Haiti ARISE will be providing food, water, shelter, and care to many in the coming days, weeks, and months to come.”
For those interested in contributing to the effort to help in Haiti, or for more information on Haiti ARISE Ministries and Earthquake Disaster Updates, please visit the Haiti ARISE website www.haitiarise.org. Contributions may also be made directly through the Haiti ARISE US office:
P.O Box 609
Montesano, WA 98563