Hoquiam Business Association Appoints Executive Director

Barbara Bennett Parsons is a lifelong proud resident of Hoquiam.  She is a business owner, promoting and preserving the silkscreen art work of her late father Elton Bennett, and also manages the Grays Harbor Public Market, which is the Farmers Market on Riverside.  She is delighted to have yet another opportunity to reach out to her neighbors and extol the tremendous business climate in Hoquiam.  She views her hometown as a treasure which has been kept secret for far too long.


     Statement by Barbara;
Hoquiam retains the pioneering tradition in attitudes, self-reliance, and a fearless can-do approach to taking care of business.  The history of Hoquiam abounds with stories of settlers and businessfolk who simply wouldn’t accept defeat.  If something doesn’t work the first time around, you don’t despair and walk away.  If you see a neighbor in need, you provide help.  It’s that simple.  There are so many stories about families who found that they had a credit at Swanson’s, a second hand car happened to be passed along just when the family car gave its last gasp, or clothing for the children appeared at the back door.  When that degree of caring and concern exists at City Hall and in every business, the community thrives.


Hoquiam is at the brink of self discovery.  Pride in where it has been will lead to the realization that Hometown Hoquiam is indeed the sort of town that this world hungers for- a town based upon the wonderful old-fashioned notion that people come first.


 Statement by Jack Durney, Mayor of Hoquiam;


I am excited about the appointment of Barbara Bennett Parsons as our Hoquiam Business Association executive director.  It firms up the partnership between the City of Hoquiam and the HBA.  I have known Barbara for many years and know that she shares my passion to make Hoquiam an even stronger city to raise a family or conduct business.