Hoquiam Farmers Market News

Did you realize that the Market is a Vendor Co-op?  Our core group of  working members are the movers & shakers of the Market, and a fine example of Democracy in Action.  They even voted to ‘allow’ Nancy to continue with her January hiatus.  Like we could stop her!  She is, without any near competition, the hardest working woman I know.  She will be back in February, rested and ready to toss those huge bags of flour around and whip up all her usual goodies!
So, I can hear you thinking- does that mean I can’t have any baked items until February?  No, dear reader, we wouldn’t do that to you.  Nancy’s two assistants, Jean and Lupe will take on the task of providing you with Cookies, Pumpkin Logs, Shortbread, and Biscotti.  PLUS- a secret candy maker will be bringing in her very delectable treasures.  She provided some special treats for the Market before Christmas, and we all agreed that the world is indeed a better place when sweets are available all year ‘round.
Now here is a tidbit of information that I must share with you- January is National Oatmeal and Hot Tea month!   Perfect.  Now I understand why January seems so cozy!  I love both oatmeal and hot tea, they are part of my genetic make-up, being a blend of Scottish and English.  Throw in some scones and I start purring.  If you can’t quite fit a nice hot bowl of oatmeal into your breakfast routine, I find it quite acceptable to substitute oatmeal cookies.  Just a suggestion.
Deidra is cooking up her soup, and I do believe that today Taco soup will be on the stove.  A beloved favorite, and if you haven’t yet had a bowl, then you are guilty of depriving yourself.  It is scrumptious, and darned healthy too!  
Stop by and see us- we’re open Wednesday from 9-5 and Sunday from 10-4.  Remember the weekend soup-bread-sweet treat deal for only $5.00, it can’t be beat!
Barbara Bennett Parsons, manager    Ph. 538-9747
Grays Harbor Public Market, fondly know as the Hoquiam Farmers Market, at 1958 Riverside in Hoquiam.