Hoquiam Farmers Market News

Mike Lytle will be bringing in more fresh crab Tuesday morning in addition to more of the best oysters anywhere.  Grays Harbor oysters live in such wonderfully clean waters, unlike oysters from Hood Canal or Puget Sound.  The difference is so abundantly clear once you taste one of Lytle’s oysters that you’ll never want any other oyster but his!  He won’t be able to provide razor clams this week, but- starting on Thursday you can get your own!  Clamheads rejoice!  A 4 day dig is set, and the weather forecast doesn’t look too bad.  Remember last year when we had a blizzard on the beach while clamming?   What’s a little rain in comparison!  I have always prided myself on using a shovel and have been rather unkind in my thoughts about those who use the cylinder 
 ‘Clam Guns’, but frozen fingers combined with the generosity of dear friends has lead me to this; my first ever dig with a clam gun.  I’ll let you know how it goes.
Nancy has discounted all of the bakery goodies from last week and swears that she never wants to see another cookie again.  Don’t worry, she’ll get over it.  Starting Wednesday morning she’ll be back in the kitchen baking!  Cinnamon rolls, pies, whatever she feels like doing.  Maybe not cookies.
We all have New Year’s traditions, and the Hoquiam Farmers Market has many of its’ own.  One of which may be changed for next year, but I can’t upset too many policies in my first year as manager.  The Market will be taking a well-deserved rest during January.  Deidra will still be cooking up her mouth watering lunches, and she is always happy to ring up purchases in the rest of the market too, but, for the most part, we will be closed.  I may not be able to stand it that long, so you might just see the open sign hanging on occasion.  Nancy plans on pampering her feet and sleeping in until 4am, so this is the final week for bakery goods!  
The Chickens do not have calendars, and it’s useless trying to train them anyway, so they’ll keep on laying their eggs.  Our egg farmers will continue to bring those lovely fresh eggs in each week, so just come on thru the Deli and get your eggs from the cooler as usual.  
Plus, now that I have Anthony all trained up he will continue to bring his sausages into The Market.  We want to encourage this good behavior, so be sure to stop by for his products!
We have a good supply of Apples and Pears still, but don’t want to fuss Deidra with weighing them up in January, so on Wed. & Thur. The good fruit will be sent home with you for free!  Free is a great price.
Because of you, the Grays Harbor Public Market has had a fantastic year.  We hope that we have made your life a little bit healthier, a little bit happier.  You have given us the precious gift of your friendship and trust, and our lives are richer and lovelier for your part in them. We thank you most sincerely for your constant encouragement and support.    I wish that I could hug everyone who has visited us this year and wish you each a blessed New Year in person.  
Barbara Bennett Parsons, manager (aka ‘slavedriver’) 538-9747
Grays Harbor Public Market at 1958 Riverside in Hoquiam
Open each day thru Dec. 31st!