Hoquiam Farmers Market News

Don’t you wish that preparation for your Christmas dinner was that easy?  As always, the Hoquiam Farmers Market is here to help.  And if you want a nice platter of Sword fern, we’ll be happy to go out and gather them for you.  Did you remember that we’re open on Monday & Tuesday this week?  
Big news and cause for celebration- we have FRESH CRAB at the Market!!!  Oh yeah, Mike Lytle is keeping us supplied with this most delectable of all crustaceans, and he is also bringing in Razor Clams today!  Does it get any better than that?  I happen to know that Anthony has been working overtime preparing fresh batches of Razor Clam Sausage and his signature Polish sausage.  If you haven’t yet tried his razor clam sausage, give your family a treat and slice some for an appetizer.  Grill to a golden brown, put the plate in front of your loved ones, and the pressure will be off for getting the rest of the feast prepared.  They’ll be completely distracted.  Which means that you can sample more crab in the kitchen while you’re cracking it up.  Sneaky, huh?
The Hoquiam High School woodshop has crafted Bird Feeders especially for The Market.  We have a goal to feed every living creature, obviously.  The Bird Feeders come with a bag of bird seed and a bow, all ready to bring as the perfect gift.  For only $15.95, they make a great last minute hostess present!
And don’t forget the family cats and dogs- we have their special treats too!    Jean has handsewn the cutest little Catnip Mice for kitty romping and silliness.  They can also be great to get our housebound felines some needed exercise.  Too bad there isn’t some tonic that could make all that jumping and running as much for us 2 legged creatures!  Our homebaked Doggie Treats are healthy and, I’m told, delicious.  They smell great- we have both vegetarian & bacon/peanut butter treats.  You won’t have to wait for Christmas Eve for your favorite animal to talk when they know these goodies are available.
One of the cookies most associated with Holiday baking is Gingerbread Men (people? Is that more pc?)  The aroma alone can transport you to a time when you carefully chose the best cookies to leave on a plate for Santa.  We have the tastiest, crisp, flavorful Gingerbread Men that you have ever tasted!  Nancy took a poll of us official cookie testers, wondering whether she should frost them or not.  We decided that she could frost a few, but most should be left unadorned.  Get it?  This way you can dash into The Market, grab the cookies, and then you have all the fun of icing them at home.  Santa will think that Grays Harbor has the best cookie bakers of anywhere on this whole wide earth.  You can put a few Spritz cookies on the plate too- Santa is nuts about those.  It’s a Good Thing to have all those extra points with Santa.
Remember, you can always just pick up the phone and call us at 538-9747 for any special requests, orders, questions, or counseling.  Your Grays Harbor Public Market is your source for homemade, hometown Christmas gifts and goodies!
Barbara Bennett Parsons, manager & good friend of Santa’s 
open this week every day except Friday!
1958 Riverside in Hoquiam