Raymond library to host Rick Meyers’ Old-Time Music Show

Children and families can join in some end-of-the-year merriment with musician Rick Meyers at the Raymond Timberland Library on Tuesday, December 29 at 4:30 p.m. Meyers will show how the pioneers creatively used folk instruments and household items to make music. He’ll perform on the musical saw, spoons, mouth harp, limberjack,* washboard and washtub as well as the banjo, guitar, autoharp and ukulele.
The show also includes a mix of historical information, playful dialogue and audience participation. It is free of charge and is appropriate and entertaining for any age. Meyers’ Web site is www.rickmeyersmusic.com.
The Raymond Timberland Library is at 507 Duryea Street, Raymond. For more information, please contact the library at (360) 942-2408 or go to www.TRL.org.