Mega Millions Scam = E-mail Attempts To Steal Personal Information

This e-mail is a SCAM.  It is intended to fool recipients into disclosing personal information.  The e-mail asks the recipient to complete paperwork to ‘file a claim.’  Once scammers receive such information, the next step is often to tell the ‘winner’ there is a ‘processing fee’ to file the claim to receive their prize.  Because the prize is purported to very large, the processing fee is usually substantial.  Because the e-mail uses the official Mega Millions logo copied from the Mega Millions web site, the e-mail appears official. 

Mega Millions winners are NOT selected by e-mail addresses.  There is NO “fiduciary agent.” Mega Millions has NO agent of any sort in the United Kingdom, the country of origin listed at the top of the e-mail. The only way to win a Mega Millions prize is to purchase a ticket from a licensed lottery retailer in one of the 12 Mega Millions states and match the winning numbers for the corresponding Mega Millions drawing. 

“Lotteries typically do not notify prize winners by e-mail and do not request your personal information over the phone,” said Lottery spokesperson Jacque Coe. “The age old rule applies; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  In this case, if you didn’t buy a ticket, how could you win?”

It’s important for people to protect themselves from e-mail scams.  They should be suspicious of any unsolicited message, especially if it claims that they have won a game that they did not play.   If someone contacts you claiming to be from a Lottery office calling with information about a prize you did nto realize you won or did not enter, be suspicious.  Simply call your local lottery office to verify the information; all lotteries in the United States are run by state agencies, including Mega Millions. ,

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