Public Swine Flu Clinics Scheduled for Grays Harbor County

“We will visit each elementary school again in January to deliver the 2nd dose to the children under age 10,” says Brewster. “Parents can bring their children who missed the school clinic to the community clinics or they can wait and get the vaccine at their school’s clinic.”

Clinics are scheduled for the following times and locations.
• Saturday Dec 12, 10 am to 4 pm: South Shore Mall, Aberdeen
• Tuesday Dec 15, 4 to 7 pm: Elma Middle School
• Wednesday, Dec 16, 4 to 7 pm: Ocosta Elementary School, Westport
• Thursday, Dec 17, 4 to 7 pm: Ocean Shores Convention Center

For more information you may contact the Grays Harbor County Public Health and Social Services Department
PHONE: (360) 532-8631 FAX: (360) 533-6272
TDD: (360) 532-8657 FAX: (360) 533-1983

The clinic schedule is dependent on an adequate supply of vaccine, but the delay seems to be easing. “We expect the vaccine supply to increase fairly quickly now,” reports Brewster. “By January 1st, we hope it will be relatively easy to get a shot from your health care provider, at a pharmacy, or from private vaccine providers. By then vaccine will be for everyone and not limited to priority groups.”
Clinic schedules and a broad variety of information on the H1N1 (swine) flu in both English and Spanish is available at The website is updated continuously as new information becomes available and new activities are scheduled. For questions that must be addressed by telephone, please call (360) 532-8631 ext. 417.