Hoquiam Farmers Market News

Lytle’s Seafood and Swansons both have a great supply of first of the season crab.  Because I would never recommend something without trying it first, I chased down the seafood lady at Swansons on Monday and requested 3 of her finest crab.  I figured a fair test should involve 3 crab.  My husband was more than willing to help me in my quest for excellence, and I get mean if there isn’t enough crab.  Oh my gosh.  It was so scrumptious.  Why is the first crab after the molt so much sweeter than any other time of year?  Or is it just me?  I have recipe books filled with incredible things you can do with crab, but all I ever want is hot crab with melted butter. 

Recipes are something we at the Hoquiam Farmers Market are pretty darned good with.  In order to spread the happiness, we now have a Facebook page!  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hoquiam-WA/Grays-Harbor-Farmers-Market/185756336581
We’ll be sharing lots of recipes and news items daily, so please visit us and become a friend of the Market!
This Saturday, Dec. 5th brings Santa Claus to The Market!!!!  You can imagine the bribery ammunition we have at our disposal- all those cookies!  Santa doesn’t hesitate to visit us.  We have a sneaking suspicion that he pops in every so often incognito, because we find cookie crumbs next to the big comfy rocking chair in Jean’s booth.  In addition to Santa, Rex Valentine will be visiting and singing Christmas Carols.  Guest vendors will be in the Deli, fresh cut Christmas Trees can  be had, and our Kettle Korn friends have new flavors ready to pop up for the Holidays.  Hot mulled apple cider, plates of goodies to sample- you need to visit us on Saturday!  Santa will be with us from 11 until 2!
Looking for culture and entertainment on Friday?  The Harbor Art Guild is having their Open House Friday evening, a time of merriment, music, visual delights, and possibly even more cookies.  Last year the Maggie Brown duo played, and I’m pretty sure that they’ll be back again on Friday.  Christmas music with a Celtic twist, it doesn’t get any better!  The Art Guild inhabits a house just past Levee Lumber, after you cross the bridge into Hoquiam.  
Warm yourself up with a bowl of good soup from Deidra.  The Deli aromas are spectacularly delicious too!  Remember, no charge for the happiness emitting aroma therapy!
Barbara Bennett Parsons, manager & chief cookie tester of the Grays Harbor Public Market, fondly known as the Hoquiam Farmers Market