Hoquiam Farmers Market News – Turkey Day Edition

Have you ever noticed how set in stone most of us are when planning the dishes for Thanksgiving?  The cook may be wanting to try a new recipe, but as soon as it is mentioned, the troops start their whining- they want the dressing just like it’s always been made, the same sauces, and yams even if they just sit there uneaten.   The dish which puzzles me the most?   Green Bean Casserole.   There isn’t any middle ground here.  Either you love it or you hate it.  I’m hesitant to let you know where I stand.  Let’s just say that anything made with canned soup is not welcome on my plate.  How did this get to be a tradition??  I can just see a Pilgrim ancestor  proudly bringing this to the big feast.  The other guests, trying to be discreet, not wishing to offend, but knowing that whatever that was, they couldn’t eat it.  Thanksgiving could not have survived all these centuries, because the non-eaters of green bean casserole would have pretended to have another social engagement the next year.
I’m just saying, use good judgement, know your friends tastes.  Some folks like mincemeat pie, others must have pumpkin.  Maybe you’ve been invited to share Thanksgiving at someone’s home.  Need a hostess gift for the occasion?  Our Sara is a wizard with soaps, lotions, potions, essential oils and such things.  The sort of special indulgence item that we seldom buy for ourselves, but should!  Her handmade bars of soap are the perfect gift, and are on special, 4 very large bars for $30.00.  This way you can share 2 as a hostess gift and keep two for yourself.  
Candles are always a welcome treat, especially when they are pure beeswax- the kind our pilgrim ancestors would have prized most highly.  These burn so clean and last such a long time.  My favorites are the ones shaped like little bee skeps.  Jenny has all sorts, shapes, and sizes.  Most of hers are unscented, which I particularly appreciate.  
When you visit The Market, be sure to make an immediate left turn when you come thru the door.  Stop in front of Fran’s Jewelry booth and allow yourself a few moments to simply stare in wonder!   Fran has created a fantasy wonderland, so enchanting and captivating that it deserves applause.  Once you’ve indulged in gasping over the beauty of things like the lichen-draped tree which softly shelters the other-worldly treasures within, enter the fairy kingdom and give yourself over to the wonderment of her creations.  Fran uses all manner of stones and beads to weave necklaces and earrings that appear to have sprung from Mother Nature’s own jewel box.  
If Friday finds you ready to burst into Christmas mode, our first Christmas trees are being chopped early Friday morning!  
You may want to get a start on your card-writing, and Corinna brought her boxed and single Christmas cards to us this week!  They’re wonderful!!  Corinna has a joyful artistic style that I find irresistible-bright colors, swooping lines- they will bring happiness to each person fortunate enough to receive one!
Remember our special extended open days!  We’ll be home with our families on Thursday ( Nancy may sleep the entire day) and we all wish you the very finest and most loving Thanksgiving. .  If you’re driving somewhere, be extra careful.  You and yours are far to precious to be in too much of a hurry.  The turkey will wait until you safely arrive.