Have a Fire Safe Thanksgiving

Turkey Deep Fat Fryers – If you choose to use a turkey fryer, the National Turkey Federation and the Turkey Information Exchange offer these safety tips:
·         Prepare in advance and use proper equipment.  Be sure to use them outdoors well away from structures and overhangs as well as any combustible material.
·         Place the fryer on a flat, stable surface and do not overfill the unit with cooking oil.  Do not move the fryer once it has been started, and only place turkeys that are completely thawed out in them.
·         Use a thermometer to gauge food temperature.
·         Keep children and pets away from the fryer.
·         Make sure the oil is completely cool before removing it from the fryer and never attempt to use water to extinguish or cool hot oil.
The process of deep fat frying turkeys has become increasingly popular in recent years and the process requires preparation and precaution.  State Fire Marshal Matlick states, “The instructions provided with the fryer should be read and followed carefully, if you decide to deep-fry a turkey.  This is critical in order to prevent a serious fire or burn injury.” 
For additional fire safety tips visit the Office of the State Fire Marshal webpage at http://www.wsp.wa.gov/fire/firemars.htm or contact your local fire department.