Hoquiam Farmers Market News

The Hoquiam Farmers Market wants you to stay warm & cozy & happy all winter long.  Gramma Shirley decided to put her hand crocheted afghans on sale for $50.00!  In case you want to sew your own quilt and create lifelong memories for some lucky little girl, she has her ‘fat quarters’ on sale for only $1.50.  I hear you thinking.  I could come up with a long list of what a ‘fat quarter’ might be, but don’t let’s go there.  Stay focused- we’re talking about fabric here!  I’m guessing that this means a generous 1/4 yard of fabric, don’t you think?
Shirley and Jean both make quilts of all sizes and pretty designs.  My Grandma made her own, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy one!  Put the ‘I can make it myself’ mentality away for now.  You’re far to busy doing other important things, you can make a quilt when you retire.  Little girls and boys need quilts now, not after they’ve moved into their own apartment.
Here’s a startling tidbit of news that flitted across my radar this week; Americans spend more money per capita on Debit card overdraft fees than they spend of vegetables!  Good Heavens!  This horrifies me.  Now, I don’t want to offend you bankers out there, but this is ridiculous.  Debit cards didn’t even exist until very recently, and now they make more money due to poor usage than all the farmers and stores and all the farm stands and farmers markets and grocery stores combined make from selling something that is delicious, nutritious, and necessary to sustain life!!!!!  Vegie eaters unite!  I thought that Bernie Madoff was an abomination, but this really gets my goat.  Speaking of, maybe I should!
Goats.  Makes me think of the County Fair.  Which leads me right into another subject!  The 31st annual Country Christmas Bazaar comes to the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds in Elma this weekend!  If you haven’t ever attended, put this on your list for Saturday & Sunday.  Handcrafted, homemade, fresh baked- all from local people, all at incredible prices.  I know I’ve said it before, but- why go to a Mall and buy factory made items shipped over from China when you can buy far superior unique, long-lasting quality crafts right here at home?
Well, Mr. Bear has now been safely transported to a new home in the wilderness, and I’m waiting for the Game Dept. to bring the big culvert trap back for Big Bubba Bear.  Now, we enjoy being good neighbors and hosts, but Bubba is way to big to invite inside for Thanksgiving dinner.  We’re pretty sure he’s still our guest, because our usual herd of deer are remarkably absent.  Over the years we’ve had deer, racoons, snakes, birds, and other critters wander thru our doors thinking that this would be a perfect new home.  Once a Pileated Woodpecker pecked his way into my fathers art studio, seeing it as a grand nesting place.  He was set to bring in the entire family!  We had to put cement board up in that spot to discourage him.  Makes me think of the old Woody Woodpecker cartoons.
As families make plans to travel and gather for the upcoming holidays, I always look forward to running into old friends.  The lure of coming to mom’s for Thanksgiving brings familiar faces into the market.  The faces may be a bit older now, the body not quite as svelte, but what joy there is in the unexpected reunion!  Have you ever wondered what became of so & so?  Anthony ( sausage maker of highest esteem) mentioned that he is frequently lured up to Lake Stevens to be the star attraction at sausage cookouts at Hawkeye’s Pub & Grill.  His old buddy Steve Aiken & wife Shirley run this establishment.  Obviously their parents taught them well- keep in touch with your friends, make them a part of your world even when you’ve grown past the kick-ball stage.  
When you stop by The Market this week, be sure to greet us as old friends too!  And please admire our new fence!  We worked long & hard to raise money for this new addition, and it will save us hours of mindless toil.  All summer long we hauled plants, produce, furniture and various doo-dads in & out, in & out- now they can stay outside in safety.  We can finally have Christmas Trees available at The Market!!!  Look for them next week.  I refuse to allow them prior to Thanksgiving, but the day after, they become legal!
Have a truly wonderful week.  Stop by for a warming bowl of soup, a hearty sandwich, and lots of happy chatter.  Take a good look at the craft booths, because you can take care of a heck of a lot of gift shopping needs in one stress-free visit!
Barbara Bennett Parsons, manager of the Hoquiam Farmers Market located at 1958 Riverside.
Open Wed & Thu. 9-5, Fri. & sat. 9-6, and Sunday from 10-4