Storm Warning for the Grays Harbor Coast Until 3PM

Grays Harbor County – The National Weather Service has issued a Storm Warning for the Grays Harbor Coast. Winds of 48-63 knots (55-72 MPH) are imminent or occurring. According to the Beaufort Wind Scale, winds at 55-63 MPH can uproot whole trees and cause considerable structural damage. This Warning is in effect until 3pm today.
   High surf is developing along the coastal beaches. Very large swell waves of 25 feet or more will reach the coastal waters Friday morning into Saturday. Currently, swells of 13 feet are occurring. Wind waves are 8-12 feet and coming ashore every 8—12 seconds
   Anyone who is participating in the clam dig this evening in Twin Harbors should be extremely cautious for waves running up the beach. Do not be complacent during a lull between large waves. Waves of this size are very powerful and can easily sweep someone out to sea if they venture too close or get caught in a wave run.