Students Say No to 1033, Favor Expanded Rights for Domestic Partners

“I am pleased to see so many students excited about having their voices heard,” said Reed.  “Washington State needs citizens to have good voting habits, and the Mock Election helps students form them.”
Schools with the highest percentage of student voters will receive a signed certificate to honor their commitment to civic education, and each student will get a prize for participating.  Additionally, Reed will visit the schools to personally give his congratulations, and to discuss with students what they learned in the Mock Election. 
Younger students in grades K-5 voted on more age-appropriate ballot measures.  A resounding 76 percent voted against mandatory school uniforms, whereas 61 percent thought kids should pick up litter around their school one recess a month.
The public can compare how the student vote differs from the statewide vote on November 3, when registered voters make a decision on both I-1033 and R-71.
To view the results of in the Mock Election, visit
The Mock Election is a non-partisan educational tool that promotes civic awareness in classrooms, sponsored by the Office of Secretary of State.